God Be Great!


II Chronicles 1:1 Solomon, the son of David, became a very strong king, because the Lord his God was with him and made him very great.

We need to recognize that we are not great in and of ourselves. We are only great because God is with us. We aren’t great for our own gain, but we are great for the Kingdom of God. All of the wealth of King Solomon was used to build God a temple so that they could burn offerings unto the Lord, not so that they could have the nicest church in town. They simply wanted a place where they could pray, a place they could offer worship. 

How far we have wandered from those important things. Our churches have become show places where men and women speak their own thoughts and not the Words of God. Opinions fly. Shows are presented. Music played. But where are our worshippers who worship in spirit and truth? Where are those who fear the Lord and in one voice sing, “The Lord is good. His faithful love will last forever.” Those who hunger and thirst for the God of Israel to enter into the praises of their people. So many have never seen the cloud of His glory fill the temple. So many have yet to see or feel the awesome power of Almighty God.

What is church without God? What is music unless it magnifies the King? It must be more than a meeting place. It must be a place that invites the power and presence of the Lord. When will we experience an infilling of God in our worship once again? I believe it will come when we humble our hearts before Him, surrender our agendas and allow Him to sweep us off our feet as it was when the priests couldn’t stand up to minister because of the glory of the Lord.

That’s my hearts cry as a worshipper. Inhabit our praises, Father. We bring ourselves as a sacrifice and everything we hold dear to our hearts and we lay them before you. Take all of us, everything that stands in the way of this experience of your Glory. We think we’ve experienced something similar at times, but Lord, we want so much more. Consume our offering, that what remains is pure and holy before you. A mighty army of believers who have lay down their lives for your cause. Listeners. Those who are tuned into your Spirit, who hear and obey. May these temples not made with hands, be filled with your Glory and burst forth as light to a lost and dying world. We give you praise. There is no other God like you! No one is mightier, no one is holier. May you be exalted in all the earth. May this world know that you are with us. Make us great for you.


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