My Rich Father


Philippians 4:19 GW is the verse on my mind this morning; My God will richly fill your every need in a glorious way through Christ Jesus. 

May I just start with the first two words; My God. This isn’t for those who follow whenever it’s convenient or feel like it, this is for those who claim that above all else, I belong to Him. Those who have made no other gods mean more to them than the one true God, maker of heaven and earth and all that is in them. When we hear others talk badly about him we loudly proclaim, “Hey! Watch what you’re saying! You’re talking about MY God!” We don’t join in with the mocking to fit in or stay silent hoping they won’t notice we’re not joining in.  We know that He was our ultimate sacrifice and we owe him everything. We have made our choice to follow and never turn back. He’s My God!

Now lets move into the verse; will richly fill. Not at a thrift store or a Walmart or even a yard sale, richly shows the very best quality, taylor made with the richest of fabrics, sparing nothing on design and workmanship. Richly denotes sparing no expense. It speaks of kings and queens, princes and princesses. At the snap of a finger, the finest provision known to man is ours, provided by ‘My God’.

Your every need In a glorious way in Christ Jesus, not just some or part but every need. He misses nothing. He knows things we need that we’re not even aware we need yet and he provides ahead of time so that when we arrive, it’s there for us. He thinks of everything, all the time, we are always on his mind. Best dressed, because we’re clothed in His righteousness. Hidden in Him, wrapped in His glory. All the gold and silver of the world doesn’t compare to that kind of garment. I walk in Him, surrounded by angels, clothed in His Love.

The wonder of all of this is that He never does it the same way every time. He doesn’t want us to get familiar with his provision but to stay focused on the Provider. Don’t daydream about how He’ll do it, daydream about the God who will do it. Your God. It’s like when you know your Father and what He’s capable of, you will never doubt that the answer’s on the way. When He said it, He meant it and you can take that to the bank. He created it and owns it therefore He can give it to whoever He wants and trusts to be faithful with it. If you focus on the means, run to the means, depend on the means He will quickly remove that means because He wants you to be totally focused on Him. 

Stop crying about what you need. He already knows what you have need of; trust Him, he has this. Don’t spend so much time telling God what you need, weeping and moaning, fasting and praying, instead, get up and wash your face. Start praising God like you just found out you’re going to Hawaii or won the lottery, because you have. You always have the winning numbers with God. He is your source and supply and knows how to provide for you. You just focus on souls for His Kingdom. Instead of reminding God that you have needs, ask Him what he needs you to do for Him today. When you seek Him first and serve Him, you’ll never want for anything because you will realize you already have everything you need in Him.



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