You Want Me to WHAT?


Matthew 17:27 GW “ However, so that we don’t create a scandal, go to the sea and throw in a hook. Take the first fish that you catch. Open its mouth, and you will find a coin. Give that coin to them for you and me.”

I love that the church is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings because it gives me time to just be in the presence of the Lord, loving on him and worshipping him before I go to work. Yesterday morning was an especially great time because I had some hard stuff going on and I just left it at his feet and began to worship. Something happens when you praise him in heavy times. When you feel forsaken, broken, bruised and weary, I believe that the minute you open your mouth to worship, you get the attention of the Father. Instantly I found myself in an audience of one; me and him, he took everything I had in me and replaced it with a light. Not just any light, HIS light. That half hour was just what God had ordered for me, wish it could have last all day.

At lunch time, I went for a walk and began to declare the promises of God over our finances. Remembering when Jesus provided the gold in the mouth of a fish to pay taxes, I placed a demand on the covenant promise of his provision. When I got home, there was a check in the mail that covered all of what I’d asked for. So I will again praise and bless his mighty holy Name. He will never forsake the righteous, when they cry for help, he hears them. Nothing is too difficult for him.

You may be in a similar situation, waiting for your promise to manifest. There is power in the spoken Word, find your promise and declare it but most of all, put your faith in God. He created all things and all things were created by him and for him. Praise him for what he has done, for what he is doing. He’s not limited to our resources, his are vast and of unlimited supply. Keep praising! Keep worshipping! Turn your face from the problem to the Lord, he is well able and willing but you must not doubt. He doesn’t need your help, he just needs you to speak as He spoke, than trust that the unseen words you’re speaking in faith will become the substance that you’re hoping for.


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