Work it!


I am no stranger to hard work! My dad didn’t have a son until we adopted my brother Brian when I was 12 but he had 3 daughters and we helped do exactly what you see in this picture. We helped carry cement blocks, lumber, washed the car, mowed the lawn because being a girl didn’t exempt us from doing what needed to be done. I’m thankful for those lessons in life, they instilled a good work ethic and a strong value of the inner strength we possessed. I also learned that what seemed impossible to me was NOT impossible for my dad, therefore it was NEVER an option for us to disobey.  To say no to my dad always led to a trip to the bedside with a paddle, therefore, NO was not an option. If I was going to get paddled, it was going to be for something I enjoyed doing, like talking! 

We had a healing service yesterday at church and many people were touched by the power of God. Not just physically, but emotionally healed and set free from bondages and hopelessness. This morning when I sat at my desk, I was reminded of what God showed me yesterday: Faith was designed to work, not lay on the couch and watch tv. Don’t allow your faith to get lazy. If you won’t use it for yourself, use it to connect with what someone else is believing for. Work it,  because faith without works is dead and dead things stink.


You see, faith is the active ingredient to your end result but if you don’t use it, it becomes lazy. Faith was meant to work. I remember listening to a physical therapist explain to a patient about muscles that remain unused, lose their ability to function the way they were intended. In other words, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Funny how when we need something desperately, we work hard to get it but if there’s no need, we get lazy. James 2:26 says it best;  “A person’s body that does not have a spirit is dead. It is the same with faith—faith that does nothing is dead!” You can believe for something all month long, but if you don’t spend time with God and do what he tells you to do, you just have your faith. Working faith means different things to different people, it’s called a ‘personal’ walk with God for a reason. Abraham had a personal relationship with God that began with God asking him to leave his home and family to go on a journey with him. Trusting God for that journey developed a working relationship; God spoke, Abraham did it. Even though he couldn’t see the end result, his doing was the work needed to create a trust or faith in God by walking in obedience. That trust in God gained him great wealth and established him as the father of many nations. 


What has God asked you to do? Did you brush it off as silly, foolish because it didn’t make sense? My friend, your faith will always look foolish to the world! Who takes his people to a seemingly dead end then splits the sea so they can walk through? God does. Who allows someone to die just to raise them up on the third day? God does. We need to stop questioning the why’s and start doing the what’s. There is nothing that stirs your faith greater than obedience to God. The result may not look like what you’re asking for, but it will have far reaching results for the Kingdom of God. So work those faith muscles! Ask that daring question as you talk with God this morning, ‘What would you have me do?’ Whatever he asks of you, please do it. Using unused faith may leave you sore and tired but press through, soon your faith muscles will be large enough to support the big things you’re believing for. 



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