Power of Experience


[That you may really come] to know [practically, through experience for yourselves] the love of Christ, which far surpasses mere knowledge [without experience]; that you may be filled [through all your being] unto all the fullness of God [may have the richest measure of the divine Presence, and become a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself]! Ephesians 3:19 Amplified

Oh now THATS a good word Paul! How do you come to know something? Through experience for yourself. You can say you know, but until you’ve gone through it yourself, you can’t truly understand how it feels.

If you’ve lost a close friend, you can empathize with someone going through that. If you’ve had back pain, you can truly understand back pain. If life has taken you down the unemployment line and it’s severely affected your income, your heart goes out to those who are going through that. Experience is indeed the best teacher.

The same goes with the love of God; once experienced, it becomes more then head knowledge, it’s heart knowledge.  You’ve been touched by it, changed by it, moved by it, forgiven of an unpardonable sin by it, healed of an incurable disease by it. You’ve been rescued from certain death by it. It’s reached into the very depths of your soul and shown you the reason, filled you with hope and enabled you to love others with the same love the Father has for you.

Why? So that in the emptying of the old you, there’s finally room to be filled full of Him. “A body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself!” Can you even imagine? It was Paul who said, “Christ in me the hope of glory.” Glory being big power. Not just a little current running through the system to power a toaster, but the full out power of Almighty God, transforming you into His image.

For years I’ve cried out for more! I want to be so full of God that it spills out of me onto others. I must become small so that God can be big in me. Until the first thing others see is the love of God and the last thing they experience is His power working through me.

Oh Father, I’m forever forgiven. I’m forever healed. I’m forever changed, now help me to be so much like You that the same life I’ve experienced may change others. It’s in Jesus’ name and for Your glory, Amen.

With God

“For with God nothing will be impossible!” Luke 1:37

What? NOTHING? How about debt? How about cancer? Wait, wait, what if you were born with a birth defect? Well, what if you were paralyzed in an accident? What if it’s something you did to yourself? Does that REALLY mean that?

Lets back the scripture up, put it in context if you will. An angel just appeared to Mary to tell her she was blessed and highly favored of the Lord, chosen to give birth to the Son of God. To verify the news he was delivering, he just happened to mention that Elizabeth was pregnant. Really? Old Elizabeth? What more could she say but, ““Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.”

Perhaps if we would read the Word over our impossible and get into our spirits that nothing is impossible with God, things would begin to change in our lives and in our world.

What impossible thing are you facing? Why don’t you speak out loud to that thing, WITH GOD, NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE! Begin to speak to it as God would. If we’re children of God, let us act like, talk like, be like Him. If God be for me, who can be against me?

Throw off oppression like it were a blanket. Everything the enemy would throw at you, throw it back. “I’ll not take that, I have a promise of healing, of prosperity, of deliverance.”

It took 9 months after the seed was planted for the Son of God to appear. I encourage you to hang on, wait on the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart if you just trust and seek His face. How long before the promise manifest? Whats that to you. Simply trust and believe for with God, NOTHING will be impossible.

God Wants Your Yes


Zachariah and his wife Elizabeth had wanted a child, prayed for a child, cried out for a child, now they were well past childbearing years and all hope was gone. They lived quiet lives serving in the temple. Unannounced, an angel of God appeared just to the right of the altar of incense. Zachariah was paralyzed in fear.

But the angel reassured him, “Don’t fear, Zachariah. Your prayer has been heard. Elizabeth, your wife, will bear a son by you. You are to name him John. You’re going to leap like a gazelle for joy, and not only you—many will delight in his birth. He’ll achieve great stature with God.” Luke 1:13-15 MSG

Zachariah said to the angel, “Do you expect me to believe this? I’m an old man and my wife is an old woman.”

But the angel said, “I am Gabriel, the sentinel of God, sent especially to bring you this glad news. But because you won’t believe me, you’ll be unable to say a word until the day of your son’s birth. Every word I’ve spoken to you will come true on time—God’s time.” Luke 1:18-20 MSG

Have you ever been given a word from the Lord? A promise from long ago that hasn’t yet come to pass? There’s nothing you can do but hope and sometimes that’s a struggle. How long do I have to wait? Will I ever see it? I’m getting old now so what’s the point?

I’m here to remind you that it’s all in God’s time. God specializes in impossible surprises. He likes to see the looks on mans face when they thought they had a plan and God comes along and shows them who’s really in control. It’s not about you or your timing, it’s about God’s plan and His timing. Don’t assume you know, just place your hope in the one who does.

All throughout the bible we read about men and women who said yes to God and did great things. When it’s time, it will happen. God just wants your yes. Once you give it, just continue doing, learning, growing and at the right moment, your promise will be fulfilled and you’ll be jumping for joy in the presence of the Lord.

Father, You had my yes when You asked me, now I will keep my eyes on You and continue honing my skill of listening and obeying. Even when it’s hard, I’ll do it. When there’s risk involved, I’ll do it. My life is Yours and I humbly bow before you in service. It’s in Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen

Merry Christmas Everyone


So much to be thankful for. I woke up this morning and was reminded how good God is to us. Laying next to a wonderful man for almost 43 years, one who treats me with honor and respect, who loves God more then me but reflects that love to me daily. A girl couldn’t ask for a better gift then that.

And far away in another state I have two beautiful daughters who love God and love me. What a wonderful gift they are! I don’t take that for granted at all but appreciate it for what it is. Relationship takes work but like a garden, it produces what you plant. It’s a perfect garden to me that keeps yielding good fruit.

Some of that fruit is the grand children I have. Each one of them as unique as a snowflake, gifted, talented givers, investing the love of God in everyone they meet. I love watching them create their own gardens by valuing others over themselves. God has His hand on them and will use them according to His plans.

And to each of you my friends and family, who faithfully read my blogs and encourage me to write, such a gift you are to me. God knew who I needed in this journey and gave me you. I will never forget what you’ve done and never cease to pray Gods great blessings on you. May this next year blow you away! May you be constantly in awe as His hand rests on you.

Merry Christmas! Be blessed and I love you!

Sandy Gregory-Gods Daughter

A Timeless Story of Love


During the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, the angel Gabriel was sent from God’s presence to an unmarried girl named Mary, living in Nazareth, a village in Galilee.  She was engaged to a man named Joseph, a true descendant of King David.  Gabriel appeared to her and said, “Grace to you, young woman, for the Lord is with yo and so you are anointed with great favor.”

Mary was deeply troubled over the words of the angel and bewildered over what this may mean for her.  But the angel reassured her, saying, “Do not yield to your fear, Mary, for the Lord has found delight in you and has chosen to surprise you with a wonderful gift.  You will become pregnant with a baby boy, and you are to name him Jesus.  He will be supreme and will be known as the Son of the Highest. And the Lord God will enthrone him as King on his ancestor David’s throne.  He will reign as King of Israel forever, and his reign will have no limit.”

Mary said, “But how could this happen? I am still a virgin!”

Gabriel answered, “The Spirit of Holiness will fall upon you and almighty God will spread his shadow of power over you in a cloud of glory! This is why the child born to you will be holy, and he will be called the Son of God.  What’s more, your aged aunt, Elizabeth, has also become pregnant with a son. The ‘barren one’ is now in her sixth month.  Not one promise from God is empty of power, for nothing is impossible with God!”

Then Mary responded, saying, “This is amazing! I will be a mother for the Lord! As his servant, I accept whatever he has for me. May everything you have told me come to pass.” And the angel left her. Luke 1:26-38 TPT

As you read this beautiful story of love I want you to remember the words the angel spoke to Mary, “Not one promise from God is empty of power, for nothing is impossible with God!”

Whatever you’re facing today cannot stand up to the power of God. However bleak things look at the moment, place your trust in God for He is well able to keep what you commit to Him.

Merry Christmas from the Gregory’s

Attention Big Dream Investors!


Jesus answered them, “I can guarantee this truth: If you have faith and do not doubt, you will be able to do what I did to the fig tree. You could also say to this mountain, ‘Be uprooted and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. Have faith that you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:21-22 GW

The dictionary defines a visionary as a person who is given to audacious, highly speculative, or impractical ideas or schemes; dreamer. What about you? Are you a visionary? Are you given to audacious, highly speculative, or impractical ideas? Are you a dreamer?

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who believe it when they see it and those who dream it, speak it and than see it. God is a visionary. He saw what could be, than he spoke it into existence. Jesus was also a visionary. He saw the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, the lepers cleansed before it happened. He merely spoke out of the vision inside of him.

Do you believe it enough to step past the known and declare it into the darkest night until the light appears? Are you able to see what hasn’t yet manifested enough to pull it from the spirit realm to the physical one? Do your words match the worlds words or God’s word?

Never stop dreaming. Never allow discouragement to affect your dreams. Age isn’t a factor when dreaming. Faith is! When you trust in what you don’t see, it affects what you do see. That’s why Jesus said, “Have faith in God!” He wants to hear your vision, to see you dream big, but He also wants to be involved in it.

Every big dream needs investors and God is yours. You don’t have to convince Him of it, He gave you the dream and He’ll work out all the details. Just be attentive, listen to His promptings. He’ll show you the way, all you need to do is walk in it.

Father, I know You’re deeply invested in me. You invested Your Son, Jesus so that I could walk in the sweet garden of fellowship with You. You’re constantly giving me visions and dreams that I can’t possibly do on my own because You want to do it with me. I’m inviting You to be bigger in me then ever before. Take me to unknown realms of power and authority I know are there but have yet to experience them. I’m all in! It’s in Your name and for Your glory. Amen

Moving Right Along

“Be strong and brave. Don’t be afraid of them. Don’t be terrified because of them. The Lord your God will go with you. He will never leave you. He’ll never desert you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 NIRV
What a promise! I have a bigger chance at succeeding everyday in every way when I remember this verse.

Have you ever been asked to do something that you were incapable of doing? Were you afraid? I’ve been there before! What makes a task seem so impossible and creates a sense of fear and defeat before we even attempt to do it? I believe the answer to that question is our focus. When we rely on our own ability, our focus is on us and our failure is locked up tightly in our mind because we know we are unable.

So many times I have faced impossible situations in my own strength and failed miserably only to remember that I am no longer my own, I belong to God. Father, you have called me and I have answered, “Here I am Lord!” But when you said go and do that, I froze in fear. My mind said, “I can’t!” and I allowed my fear of failure to barricade me behind what I thought was a safe place, but when I looked behind me, my enemy was there, laughing at me, taunting me.
Call me again, Lord! That I may hear Your voice and run wildly to Your arms for it is my only place of safety. You were never looking for my ability, but my willingness to obey. It’s in obedience and worship that I am able. When my eyes are on You, my ears are open to You and my heart is willing to obey, then YOUR Kingdom will come and YOUR will be done.
It’s time to put on big girl panties and stand with my Father. He trains my hands for war and my heart for obedience so that I may walk in promises fulfilled. Whats past is past, leave it and move on.