My Love Song

My heart is on fire, boiling over with passion. Bubbling up within me are these beautiful lyrics as a lovely poem to be sung for the King. Like a river bursting its banks, I’m overflowing with words, spilling out into this sacred story. Psalm 45:1 TPT

Have you ever loved someone that much? It feels like a all the feelings bubble up and spill over to saturate the person you’re in love with. That’s how I feel this morning about Jesus. So much love that my words trip over the hard rocks in my heart and I’m refreshed in the parched places of my soul.

He is everything to me. I can’t thank Him enough for all He’s done for me. I was in the pit of despair and He rescued me. I didn’t want to live, but He breathed life into me and made me to live again. His heartbeat is my heartbeat.

Unspeakable joy rushes through my veins. When I think of His goodness, even when I don’t deserve it, I’m amazed at the feelings that well up inside of me.

He will never hide from me, nor I from Him. He knows me better than I know myself and still He loves me deeply and constantly. How can I not love others? How can I not give freely what He has given to me? I cannot nor will I withhold it from those around me.

Give Him all honor, glory and praise this morning. Lift up your voice to Him and let His presence fill you and overflow onto others around you. See what the Lord can do through you when you give Him permission.

Sandy G

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