The Focus of Obedience


Faith opened Noah’s heart to receive revelation and warnings from God about what was coming, even things that had never been seen. But he stepped out in reverent obedience to God and built an ark that would save him and his family. By his faith the world was condemned, but Noah received God’s gift of righteousness that comes by believing. Hebrews 11:7 TPT

What kind of person builds a giant sized boat on the Word of an unseen God who said it would rain in a land that had never known rain. Can you even imagine the ridicule, the harassment against himself and his family? It took him 120 years. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS!

Verse 8; Faith motivated Abraham to obey God’s call and leave the familiar to discover the territory he was destined to inherit from God. So he left with only a promise and without even knowing ahead of time where he was going, Abraham stepped out in faith.

David was anointed king of Israel, but after the anointing came a very long season where he was hunted. He continued to talk to God and get direction, using that season to learn how to lead men and hear Gods voice.

Who does that you ask? People whose focus remains intentionally unwavering regardless of the time involved in the process. These great men stayed focused on God and His promises regardless of what transpired in the span of time between the first step of obedience to the manifestation of the promise.

We live in a society where waiting 3 minutes at a stoplight causes anxiety attacks and heaven help us if the drive thru window attendant is too friendly to the person in front of us. Span of time? There’d better not be a long one or we’re skipping out to the next thing.

When what God has promised doesn’t manifest in the time we’ve allowed, we tend to toss our faith aside and assume God could care less.  We couldn’t be more mistaken! He is more than faithful to a faithless generation.

There is absolutely nothing impossible to those who believe. Don’t throw away your confidence just because it doesn’t show up when and how you think it should.  Every story in the bible began with a promise, the length of time is determined by unwavering faith regardless of the odds, and unchanging word of God.

Abraham possessed his land and ended up blessed by a son in his old age. Noah got his rain and was the only family saved from the flood. David took his throne and was the only king that God said, “He’s a man after my heart.”

You too will have what you’re willing to wait for. Just keep pursuing the presence of God and continue doing what He says. If our focus doesn’t change, our circumstances eventually will because everything changes in the presence of God.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

3 thoughts on “The Focus of Obedience

  1. riverlifepsalms1 says:

    Thank You Lord for Your words through Your servant!!


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