Amos 8:11 NLT “The time is surely coming,” says the Sovereign Lord, “when I will send a famine on the land—not a famine of bread or water but of hearing the words of the Lord.”

As I was interceding one night, the Lord dropped this verse in my spirit. I believe we are indeed in a famine of hearing the words of the Lord. People run to everything and everyone for an answer, but the last place they go is to the Word. I believe that the load on our pastors would be lighter if people would look to the Word and spend time in the presence of the Lord rather then run to the church office to get an answer.

We are such a microwave society. We want it NOW. Waiting on the Lord just takes too long. We’d much rather ask a friend to pray for us then pray ourselves. If we reach a crisis, we freak. When we get a bad doctor report, we seek out medical advise but refuse to run to the Healer. Headache? Grab a pain reliever or some essential oil. I’m not saying any of these things are bad, I’m saying it shouldn’t be the first thing we do.

When was the last time you stepped away from the noise of life, took your bible, notebook and pen and actually spent time with God?  If you don’t prioritize our time with Him and make Him first, not last, you should not be surprised when you find yourself waiting to get your answer. If you condition yourself to go to God first and wait for the answer, you’ll find the answer will come quickly the next time you need one.

Isaiah 55:6 says, “Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.” Don’t miss your appointed time with the Lord. Seek Him now! Give him the first fruits of your day and watch the return on your investment come back with so much interest you’ll be blown away.

Father, I’m hungry for Your Word. As I sit here in Your presence, basking in Your beauty, remembering what an awesome and loving Father You are, my heart is overwhelmed. I love You so much. I’m so thankful that You watch over Your Word to perform it. There is not one word You’ve forgotten. Not one. Today as I seek You, I know I will find You because I seek You with all my heart. Renew my strength today as I wait on You. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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