I was recently contacted by a friend who said my email had been hacked. Someone had recently hacked her bank account so she wanted to be sure I had sent it before she opened it. I quickly went in and changed the password on my account.  I felt bad for all the people who had received bogus emails from me to check out the latest weight loss program. Friends, let me just clue you in. I’m never going to share weight loss secrets with you because I simply don’t have them!

Well, there are life lessons in everything we go through and this morning, I’d like to share what the Lord showed me: “My children have let their guard down and have allowed the enemy to hack into their identity. He’s lied to them, stolen from them and they’re so busy trying to straighten out the havoc he’s created, they’ve allowed his lies to hold captive the blessings I’ve intended for them to live in.”

Well, that sure got my attention! Imagine what would have happened to Jesus in the wilderness if he’d of gone in not knowing who He was and what He was entitled to? When Satan showed up, Jesus would have been stumped. But because He knew the Word, had it engraved on His heart, His identity was intact. Basically, He had invested in Word Lock, where it safe guarded His identity from the evil hacker.

Revelation 1:5b-6 says this; Jesus is the one who loves us and has made us free from our sins with his blood sacrifice.  He made us his kingdom and priests who serve God his Father. To Jesus be glory and power forever and ever! Amen.

We are his kingdom, the place he dwells and his priests who serve God his Father. What a beautiful look at our identity. Don’t let ANYONE hack that! Know who you are! Know your purpose. Know your rights and privileges. Then when the hacker comes to steal, kill and destroy, you can stand against him and speak the truth to him. It’s the truth that sets you free.

Father, thank you for teaching me how to speak and what to beware of. Thank you that Your Word is alive and powerful in me, hidden in my heart that I might not sin against You. Thank you for sheltering me in the shadow of Your wings where no harm will come near me or mine. I know You go before me and make my crooked paths straight. May Your Word be a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

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