100% In


Isaiah 1:13-19 ERV; “Don’t keep bringing me those worthless sacrifices. I hate the incense you give me. I cannot stand your festivals for the New Moon, the Sabbath, and other special meeting days. I hate the evil you do during those holy times together.  I hate your monthly meetings and councils. They have become like heavy weights to me, and I am tired of carrying them.

“When you raise your arms to pray to me, I will refuse to look at you. You will say more and more prayers, but I will refuse to listen because your hands are covered with blood.

“Wash yourselves and make yourselves clean. Stop doing the evil things I see you do. Stop doing wrong.  Learn to do good. Treat people fairly. Punish those who hurt others. Speak up for the widows and orphans. Argue their cases for them in court.

“I, the Lord, am the one speaking to you. Come, let’s discuss this. Even if your sins are as dark as red dye, that stain can be removed and you will be as pure as wool that is as white as snow.

“If you listen to what I say, you will get the good things from this land.  But if you refuse to listen and rebel against me, your enemies will destroy you.”

The Lord himself said this.

Well than! That was not a ‘feel good’ passage to read this morning, never-the-less, I don’t post just what feels good, I post what I feel the Lord would have me post. It’s time to pay attention to what the Lord is saying to us during these final hours on the earth. Basically a ‘clean up your act’ kind of word. Get real. Stop doing things to impress people. Stop being like the world and do what He said to do, stand for what’s right instead of melting into the background like every other Christian. We don’t need another staff meeting on how to reach the world for Jesus. We just need to do what is written in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Stop trying to figure it out and start relying on the Spirit of God in you to do what Jesus commanded us to do.

If you have ever heard the words, “Really? I had no idea you were a Christian!” then something’s wrong with your witness. If there’s no power in your life, chances are you need to hunt for the power source and get yourself plugged back in. If you’re too busy to do that than you’re straight up too busy! Spending time with God daily helps you to learn to hear His voice. Reading His Word allows you to know your rights and privileges. Walking in the Spirit allows you to demonstrate that power inside of you. Don’t just be a hearer of the Word, be a doer, an obedient son and daughter.

Father, we repent of our self-centeredness, our loose lifestyles, our own agenda’s. Forgive us for trying to fit into the world instead of fitting into Your body. Jesus, be the center of our lives, our churches and our homes. Be the center of our finances, our marriages, our ministries. May we come together as the body You created us to be and show off Your power. Heal the sick through me. Raise the dead through me. Show Your love through me. I don’t want to be a Christian on Sunday morning and a whatever I want to be the rest of the week. I’m all in, Father! If I’m not 100% Yours, I’m 100% useless. It’s through the blood of Jesus I ask You make me white as snow that it would glorify You. Amen

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