Impossible Victory


Joshua 1:9 ERV, “Remember, I commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t be afraid, because the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Have you ever received an assignment that seems like more than you’re qualified for? I have! I told a group of doctors that it was no problem to get them up and running for electronic billing. Everything was in place, I just had to figure out what switch to flip to make it happen. I remember entering their computer room, closing the door, opening the 6 inch thick manual, dropping my head onto the book and praying, “God, I have no earthly idea what I’m doing here! But I know that you are with me and give me the wisdom to do this task. Thank you Lord that you are my helper in time of trouble. I won’t be afraid because I know you are with me.”

I looked up and saw a phone with a phone number for tech services on it and felt impressed to call. Alright then, Lord. Fix this Father and all glory goes to you! The man on the other line sounded so excited that I was there and that they would finally be able to get someone to do the one thing needed to get this office up and running for electronic claims submission. He literally had me change one character, run a test file, then transmit a slew of claims. Two weeks later, that same group of doctors called me in. They held in their hands a check for $47,000 for claims paid in that one file I sent and asked me, “Do you walk on water?” I laughed and said, “No, but I’m friends with the man who does and He’s the one who did this!”

God loves being our hero! He loves to rescue us when we’re down for the count. Be it financially, physically, whatever miracle needed, He’s merely waiting for us to call out, “Help me!” You see, nothing is too hard for God. He created it all and everything is subject to change. Just as Joshua faced a fortified city with walls too high to climb, God knew the way to bring it down, he just had to convince Joshua to be strong and brave because He was with him.

My friend, what are you facing today that God hasn’t faced before? Maybe God gave you a dream to do something that seems way over your head. He’s not asking you to do it alone, He wants to partner with you to get the job done. Each step you take, He is there. Everything you need for the job, is already in you via the Holy Spirit of God.  If God begins to open doors, don’t be afraid to walk through the doors. Hear the Lord say to you, “Be strong and brave, don’t be afraid! I am with you and will never leave you. Never!”

Father, I thank you for your constant presence in my life. You make me brave enough to face the winds of change and the mountain of fear that are before me. Just as the walls came down for Joshua, you will cause these obstacles to move out of my way. I’m thankful that I know your voice and that I listen and obey your commands. I’m excited for what lies ahead. I will not be afraid because you will not allow my enemies to win. Together, Father, it’s the only way I’ll go. I’ve tried it alone before and I will not do that again. I won’t listen to mans voice of reason or the call of those who say, ‘Come this way or, do it that way.’ You will use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise so Father, may I be a fool today for you. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


2 thoughts on “Impossible Victory

  1. chicki2u says:

    WOOOO HOOOO!!!! HALLELUJAH! Go Sandy, It has been a long time since I envisioned you. I remember you from Mount Hope. God bless you and yours and this is an awesome testimony and definitely encourages me! Lisa (Dodge) Wells in Oklahoma

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