Peace To The Storm



Luke 8:22-25 GNT;   One day Jesus and his followers got into a boat. He said to them, “Come with me across the lake.” And so they started across.  While they were sailing, Jesus slept. A big storm blew across the lake, and the boat began to fill with water. They were in danger.  The followers went to Jesus and woke him. They said, “Master! Master! We will drown!” Jesus got up. He gave a command to the wind and the waves. The wind stopped, and the lake became calm.  He said to his followers, “Where is your faith?” They were afraid and amazed. They said to each other, “What kind of man is this? He commands the wind and the water, and they obey him.”

I love this story, but as I read it this morning I noticed a few things that grabbed my attention. First, Jesus fell asleep in the boat. He would have been sleeping pretty sound to sleep through a storm like that, one that caused seasoned fishermen to fear sinking. What was it that made him sleep so sound in the storm? He knew the will of God and rested in it. We must remember that Jesus only did what he heard the tell Him, so when he announced they were going to the other side of the lake, he knew he’d make it to the other side.

So if Jesus, Gods Son, was doing the will of the Father and a storm arose to prevent him from reaching his destination, why do we think we’re any different? When God gives a promise of provision and the opposite happens, isn’t that like the storm? Trials are going to come to try to steal the promises of God from our heart, but notice what Jesus did; he first spoke to the wind (unseen), then the waves (seen). We must do the same thing when our promise is being threatened; speak to the unseen and command the seen to line up with the promise of God.

When you know the will of God, you’ll never fear another thing.  What happens around you HAS to respond to the will of God.  Resting in what you’ve believed for in faith, shows that you trust in the God who is unseen more than the seen. Does that make sense to you? The more time you spend in the spirit realm, feeding your spirit, trusting in the Spirit of God in you, the more you can rest assured of His promises and just be about your Fathers business.

Thank you Lord for your perfect peace and rest. You gave me so many promises and you are well able to deliver on your promises to me. I thank you that your Word is alive and powerful and that when I speak your Word, it must also obey me to calm every storm that would threaten to steal my peace. You are well able, Lord. I surrender my promises to you, keep them in your very capable hands. When the storm passes over, I will arrive at my destination safe and rested.

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